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Reduce footprint with carbon NFTs

Invest in carbon NFTs and reduce your carbon footprint with 100% verifiable CO2 reduction. Make a positive impact on the world while securing your investments.

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Calculate Your Carbon Footprint & Reduce to Zero NFTCar Carbon NFTs.

Calculate daily emissions from activities such as driving and flying or owning real estate. The calculator converts emissions into NFTs with a ratio of 1 NFT equals 1 ton of CO2 reduction.

NFTCar mission is to eliminate high-pollution cars which are the major cause of air pollution in cities. Our mission is to convert these cars into carbon NFTs, with each NFT representing the removal and scrapping of a high-pollution vehicle. All the data on the NFT is 100% verifiable. 

With these NFTs, you can confirm the removal of a car from the government registry by checking its VIN code and verifying its age, mileage, and fuel consumption.

To calculate carbon reduction, we assess a car's future 10-year emissions by considering its age, mileage, and fuel consumption. For each ton of CO2 reduced, we create 1 NFT.

Join us and we can collectively reduce our carbon footprint and fight against climate change.

Carbon NFTs: A Promising Approach to Climate Change.

Carbon NFTs provide several key benefits for reducing carbon footprint and combating climate change, including:

  • Traceability: Carbon NFTs provide a way to track and 100% verify carbon offsetting efforts, ensuring that investment goes towards actual carbon reduction initiatives.

  • Increased Engagement: Carbon NFTs offer a tangible and accessible way for individuals and organizations to take action against climate change and be held accountable for their carbon footprint.

  • Financial Incentive: Carbon NFTs can serve as an investment opportunity, allowing individuals to profit from the growth of sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives.

  • Decentralization: Carbon NFTs operate on blockchain technology, providing a decentralized and transparent system for carbon offsetting.

  • Improved Environmental Outcomes: Carbon NFTs enable a new approach to reducing carbon emissions, by supporting carbon reduction projects directly, rather than simply paying into a carbon offset fund. This direct investment leads to more impactful results and greater progress in mitigating climate change.

Overall, Carbon NFTs provide a powerful tool for individuals and organizations to take meaningful action against climate change, while also reaping financial and environmental benefits.

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