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Highest Selling NFT "Everdays" sold for 69 million. Created by Beeple

Beeple details:

Beeple (b. 1981)
Real Name: Mike Winkelmann 

Token ID: 40913

Wallet address: 0xc6b0562605D35eE710138402B878ffe6F2E23807

Smart contract address: 0x2a46f2ffd99e19a89476e2f62270e0a35bbf0756

Non-fungible token (jpg) 21,069 x 21,069 pixels (319,168,313 bytes)

Minted on 16 February 2021. 

Beeple 69 million NFT. World most expensive NFT sold.png

Mike Winkelmann ( Beeple) art EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS was sold with 69 million. Highest selling NFT by far.

Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple, created Everydays: the First 5000 Days. It is a collection of 5000 digital images created by Winkelmann for his Everydays series. The associated non-fungible token (NFT) was sold at Christie's for $69.3 million in 2021, making it the most expensive non-fungible token.

Vignesh Sundaresan, a cryptocurrency investor and the founder of Metapurse NFT, also known online as MetaKovan, purchased Everydays. Sundaresan purchased the artwork with 42,329 Ethereum.

Sundaresan and Winkelmann had vested interests in driving up the price of the work so they could drive sales of speculative assets related to twenty other Beeple works, which they called "B20 tokens." This token price peaked during media coverage of the Everydays auction, then crashed. Some observers have called the auction a publicity stunt.

The artwork belongs to Sundaresan, but he doesn't receive the copyright. Through a web browser, the public can view the artwork in a digital museum within "the metaverse". Till today Everydays remains the highest selling NFT.

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NFTCar 1# .png

Removing high fuel consumption cars from steets

Cars NFT-lized


5-year fuel consumption removed from Earth:

9279 liters

10-year fuel consumption  removed from Earth:

18 559 liters

The impact of NFTCars

An action plan for reducing air pollution.

Traffic jams can be reduced.

Polluting cars will be removed from the road.

Sellers need cash as soon as possible, which has an good impact on the economy. 

In order to remove a car from government registration, all fines must be paid. 

The cost of transferring ownership is 520AED (140 dollars). These fees are received by the government.

The History of NFT-s

Meni Rosenfield wrote in 2012 that the first non-fungible tokens were issued on the Bitcoin blockchain in 2012-2013. A non-fungible token represents a real-world asset such as a precious metal, car, or house on the blockchain. Bitcoin can be used for a wide variety of things, including digital collectibles, coupons, and property. Application of technology refers to the possible uses of new technologies.

The first NFT became mainstream in 2021 when Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, sold his for $69.3 million, then the highest price ever paid. New eras of digital art are emerging. This is the first time in history that blockchain technology can help reduce air pollution and combat climate change. You can learn more about the best NFT tokens to buy by clicking here.

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