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Calculate and Offset Your Flight's Carbon Footprint.

Flying comes with a big carbon footprint.

On average, passenger aviation emitted 90 grams of CO2 per passenger kilometer in 2019 by The International Council on Clean Transport. Source HERE

Our flight carbon footprint calculator takes an average of 90g of CO2 for every kilometer traveled on air and calculates how many NFTs you need to buy to reduce your flight carbon footprint to 0.

1 Car = 43 NFTs
1 NFT = 1 ton/CO2
1 NFT = 80$

How does the flight carbon footprint calculator work?

The calculator estimates the carbon emissions generated by your air travel by multiplying the distance flown with a standard emission factor of 90 grams CO2 per kilometer. To offset these emissions, the calculator calculates the number of carbon offset credits, represented as NFTs, required. Each NFT represents a reduction of 1 ton of CO2.

What is NFTCars NFTs? 

World’s first high-pollution cars backed NFT-s. We buy a high-pollution car, scrape it the way non-parts will be reused and generate NFT ( BNB Chain powered digital certification).

You travel, but your carbon footprint will be neutralized by removing high-pollution cars from the earth. You have the most accurate & transparent overview of how much of your carbon footprint has been removed. 

Why do we convert CO2 to fuel?

We are making calculations with petrol because cars use petrol and this way, it will be easier to understand how many NFTCars are needed to offset carbon. Burning a liter of petrol produces about 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide, and using the same calculation, 100 km traveled by air uses 3,91 liters of petrol.

NFTCar 1# details

Car mileage: 237 000 km.

Age: 6,432 days or 17,6 years. 

Car fuel consumption: 13,8 liters (31,74 kg/CO2) per 100km

If this car is on the road next ten years.

Car 10-year mileage: 134 491 km

Car 10-year fuel consumption: 18 560 liters of fuel & 42.6 tons/CO2

Total NFTs 

1 NFT = 1 ton/CO2

NFTCar 1# = 43 NFT= 43 ton/CO2 reduced

How is NFTCar NFTs carbon reduction calculated?

The number of NFTs minted for each vehicle is calculated based on its age, mileage, and fuel consumption. By analyzing this data, we can estimate the car's future emissions over a 10-year period. The emissions reduction for each car is determined by dividing its projected emissions by 1 ton of CO2 per NFT.

NFTCar #1 .png

We assume that cars scrapped will be on the roads for 10 years, and the carbon offset calculation is based on that. 

To calculate the carbon footprint of a car, check out HERE. The ultimate carbon footprint calculator can be found at This calculator allows you to calculate the carbon emissions from driving, flying, and buildings all in one place, making it easy to reduce your overall emissions.

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