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Carbon Offset Credits

NFTCars offers NFTs that are 100% transparent and verifiable carbon offset credit, revolutionizing carbon reduction efforts.

Calculate Your Carbon Emissions

Assessing and measuring your carbon footprint is the first step in managing it. Utilize a tool like NFTCar's carbon calculator to estimate emissions from transportation, travel, and real estate. These emissions will be converted into NFTs, with a conversion rate of 1 NFT representing 1 tons of CO2 reduction.


NFTCar NFTs are first of its kind solution using NFT technology provides 100% verifiability and transparency in carbon offset credits, allowing you to offset your emissions and reduce your carbon footprint with a clear understanding of the environmental impact of your actions. 

NFTCar NFTs explained

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NFTCar NFTs are a revolutionary way to track and prove carbon reduction. These NFTs are unique because they are linked to a specific car through its VIN code, age, mileage, and fuel consumption. This information is 100% verifiable. The creation of an NFTCar NFT begins by purchasing a high-emitting vehicle, dismantling it, and then producing NFTs as a result.


How is determined amount of NFTs created per car?

The number of NFTs created per car is determined by evaluating data such as distance driven, date of manufacture and fuel consumption.

By calculating the vehicle's emissions, we can estimate car future footprint over a 10-year period, we are able to determine the level of emissions reduction for each car.

This allows individuals and organizations to take responsibility for their actions and make a measurable impact on the environment, with verifiable proof of their efforts.

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