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Carbon Management

Identify, calculate, reduce & verify carbon reduction. 

Calculate Your Carbon Emissions

The first step for the carbon management is to accurately assess and measure your carbon footprint. This can be done by using a tool like NFTCar's carbon calculator to estimate the emissions associated with your transportation, travelling and real estate activities. The emissions calculated will be converted into NFTs with a conversion rate of 1 NFT to 1 ton of CO2 reduced.


We use NFT technology because it's easy to verify reduction, providing 100% transparency and verifiability of carbon reduction. You can buy NFTs to offset your emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. This makes it easy for you to understand the environmental impact of your actions and take steps to offset your emissions.

NFTCar NFTs explained.

NFTCars presents a new approach to reducing carbon emissions by converting high-pollution vehicles into carbon credits through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The process of creating an NFTCar NFT starts with acquiring a high-pollution vehicle, scrapping it & creating NFTs after. 


By utilizing blockchain technology, our solution ensures transparency and security in tracking and 100% trust in verifying carbon reduction.


Our NFTs are unique in that they provide a verifiable way to track and prove carbon reduction through information such as the car's VIN code, age, mileage, and fuel consumption.


How is determined amount of NFTs created per car?

By analyzing this information such as mileage, age & fuel consumption. We estimate the car's emissions over a 10-year period and determine the emissions reduction for each car, making it possible for individuals and organizations to take responsibility for their actions and make a tangible impact on the environment with a verifiable proof of their contribution.

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