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Carbon Footprint Calculator

Easily calculate and offset your emissions from cars, flights, and buildings. Achieve a carbon-neutral lifestyle today.

Eliminate your carbon emissions with NFTCars NFTs. We convert high-pollution vehicles into carbon credits through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The fastest way to achieve a carbon-neutral lifestyle.

Transportation Carbon Emissions

Transportation is the sector that heavily relies on fossil fuels and is responsible for a significant portion of CO2 emissions, accounting for 15% of total emissions.

Transportation Emissions Sources

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Cars, buses, and taxis, are accountable for around 7% of the total CO2 emissions worldwide.

What is NFTCars NFTs?

NFTCar NFTs are an innovative way to offset the carbon emissions of high-pollution cars by converting them into carbon credits. The process includes buying and scrapping high-pollution cars and then creating an NFT as a certificate of carbon offset, which serves as verifiable data of the carbon offset process.

The carbon calculator allows individuals to input information about their activities, such as distance driven in cars, distance flown, or the square meters of real estate they own. The calculator then uses this information to estimate the emissions from those activities and converts them into NFTs at a rate of 1 NFT for every 1 ton of CO2 reduced. This provides an easy and transparent way for individuals to understand their carbon footprint reduction and the environmental impact of their consumption, while also providing a secure and verifiable way to track the carbon offset process.

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How is removed Cars Carbon Emission calculated?

The carbon footprint reduction of the cars has been calculated by estimating the projected CO2 emissions of the cars over the next 10 years, considering factors such as their age, mileage, and fuel consumption. This calculation is done by measuring the CO2 emissions that these cars would produce if they remained on the road for the next 10 years.

Why do we use NFTs technology for Carbon Credit?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are cutting-edge technology that can be used to authenticate and track carbon offset credits. Our research has found NFTs as the best and most verifiable technology for NFTs. They offer several advantages in this regard:

1. NFTs provide a unique digital certificate of ownership and authenticity for carbon offset credits, which ensures that they are accurately tracked and prevents double counting.

2. NFTs can also be easily transferred and exchanged on decentralized marketplaces without the need for intermediaries. This gives you complete control over your digital tokens, enabling you to trade, send, or receive them as you wish, which gives greater flexibility and control to the holder.

We want that everybody will have full control over their carbon footprint reduction. 

For more information on the methods used to calculate emissions from transportation, you can visit the following links:

Car Emissions Calculator:


By understanding our carbon footprint, we can make conscious choices to reduce our impact on the environment. By joining us, you can learn more about your carbon footprint and take steps to reduce it. Join us today and make a difference!

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