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About Calculate your car's CO2 emissions per km with our easy-to-use calculator.

Calculate your car's CO2 emissions per km with our easy-to-use calculator. Reduce your carbon footprint today!

Calculate your CO2 emissions.

Looking for a way to calculate your car's CO2 emissions per km? Try our user-friendly car CO2 emissions per km calculator!


Simply input the relevant information, such as distance driven.

Our calculator estimates the emissions emitted and even converts CO2 into NFTs. Conversion rate is 1 ton of CO2 reduced equals 1 NFT.


To calculate CO2 emitted, we use an average of 1 liter of fuel burned emissions, which is approximately 2.3 kg of CO2 per liter. Our calculator not only provides you with valuable insights into your carbon footprint, but easy wasy to reduce your footprint to zero with NFTs. 

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NFTCar NFTs explained.

NFTCar #1 .png

NFTCar NFTs are a groundbreaking new concept in the world of non-fungible tokens. These unique digital assets are backed by high-pollution cars that we buy and then scrape, before transforming them into verifiable NFTs of carbon offset.

The authenticity of these NFTs is guaranteed, as they are linked to a specific car's VIN code, age, mileage, and fuel consumption, ensuring that the information is 100% verifiable. This adds an extra layer of transparency to the process of carbon offsetting.

What is the methodology used to calculate the emissions reductions of NFTs?

The calculation of emissions reduction for these NFTs is based on an estimation of the CO2 emissions that would have been produced by the high-pollution cars over the next 10 years, factoring in their age, mileage, and fuel consumption. This estimate is based on the assumption that the cars would have continued to operate for the next decade, had they not been purchased and dismantled. By using this calculation, we can determine the carbon offset that is achieved by each NFTCar NFT, providing individuals with a clear and verifiable understanding of their impact on the environment.

NFTs: Tracking Carbon Offset Credits Effectively

Our research has revealed that NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, offer advanced technology that can effectively authenticate and track carbon offset credits, which is vital for minimizing our impact on the environment. NFTs provide several advantages in this area, including:

  • NFTs provide a secure and 100% verifiable way to track carbon offset credits, preventing double counting and ensuring accurate tracking.

  • NFTs are easily transferred and exchanged on decentralized marketplaces, giving holders complete control over their carbon offset credits.

  • NFTs promote transparency and traceability in the carbon offset process, enabling individuals to take responsibility for their carbon emissions reduction.

By understanding and reducing our carbon footprint, we can make mindful choices to reduce our impact on the environment. We encourage you to join us and take steps to learn more about your carbon footprint. Together, we can make a difference in promoting a sustainable future for all. If you are interested learn more about climate calculator here  or online carbon footprint calculator, look here.
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