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Discover Your Impact: Calculate Your Carbon Footprint Now

Learn Your Impact on the Planet. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint & Take Action for a Better Future.

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Explaining NFTCar NFTs

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NFTCars converts high-pollution cars into carbon credits using NFTs, providing a secure and transparent solution to track and verify carbon emissions reduction. The NFTs contain verifiable information such as the car's VIN code, age, mileage, and fuel consumption, allowing individuals and organizations to make a positive impact on the environment.

The process of creating an NFT involves purchasing a high-emission vehicle, deregistering it from the government registry, and then scrapping it. This provides the authenticated data needed to create the NFT.


NFTCars' NFTs offer a unique and verifiable method to track and prove carbon reduction. The NFTs include important details such as the car's VIN code, age, mileage, and fuel consumption, which are cross-checked against government records to ensure accuracy. This information is secured through blockchain technology, making the process transparent and trustworthy.

How is the reduction of emissions measured in relation to NFTs?

The number of NFTs to be minted per car is determined by analyzing its age, mileage, and average fuel consumption to estimate the car's emissions over a 10-year period. The emissions reduction is calculated by dividing the projected emissions by 1 ton of CO2 per NFT, making the NFTs more verifiable than other carbon reduction solutions available, ensuring your contribution to a better future for the next generation is tracked and verifiable.


Methods for Calculating Carbon Footprint

By using our carbon footprint calculator, you can make informed choices about your carbon footprint and contribute to carbon offset programs, which aid in reducing your environmental impact.

It's encouraging to see the development of tools that can help people make informed decisions about their carbon footprint and take steps to reduce their impact on the environment.

Our method for calculating the number of NFTs needed to offset air travel emissions involves two steps: first, we compute the CO2 emissions per mile flown, and then we convert this figure to NFTs using a conversion rate of 1 NFT per ton of CO2 removed.

It's important for individuals and businesses to take responsibility for their carbon emissions and take action to reduce their impact on the environment.


Thank you for sharing the information about calculating your carbon footprint .

The carbon footprint calculator converts emissions into fuel burn because it is easier to understand. For instance, one liter of petrol produces about 2.3 kg of CO2, and a 100 km air travel distance would use roughly 3.91 liters of petrol.

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