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Discover Your Carbon Footprint and Take Action Today

Our carbon footprint calculator empowers you to take action against climate change. Discover how to reduce your impact on the planet and inspire others to do the same.

Buy NFTs

Take action against climate change by using our CO2 emissions calculator to determine your carbon footprint and understand your impact on the environment. You can offset the CO2 emissions generated by your flights with our tool. Discover the number of NFTs needed for a sustainable future. From selecting energy-efficient appliances to offsetting your flights, our calculator empowers you to make environmentally responsible choices.

The World of NFTCar NFTs

NFTCar #1 _edited.png

NFTCar NFTs are the first-ever NFTs backed by high-pollution cars that have been purchased, scrapped, and transformed into NFTs.


To ensure complete transparency, our NFTs are linked to a specific car through its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), age, mileage, and fuel consumption. This information is stored on both the blockchain and government registry and is available for public verification. By providing this level of transparency and accountability, we aim to promote sustainability and contribute to a better future for our planet.

NFTs and the Environment: Calculating CO2 Reduction

To determine the emissions reduction per vehicle, we divide its projected emissions for a 10-year period by the amount of CO2 emissions equivalent to 1 NFT (non-fungible token). The calculation of a car's future emissions takes into account its age, mileage, and average fuel consumption.

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