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Calculate and Reduce Your Building Carbon Footprint. 

According to data from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the production of cement, which is a key ingredient in concrete, is responsible for around 5% of global CO2 emissions.

Normally buildings have 20-30 cm concrete floors but adding all the other building elements like walls, sealings, etc. Then it will more likely balance out 40cm floor thickness carbon emission. This way, it will be easier to calculate and understand your footprint. You will get your property estimated emissions released into the atmosphere when it is built. 


These emissions are generated when the building has been built and during the chemical reactions that occur when cement is produced, as well as during the transportation of raw materials and finished products.

With our calculator, you will see an estimation of how much emissions your building/apartment has released into the atmosphere and how many NFTCar NFTs you need to buy to reduce it to zero.

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